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We’re pleased to announce that Frankie 2.2 has now been deployed to our servers and is available immediately. We recommend reloading the Frankie page (⌘-R on Mac OS X; Ctrl-F5 on Windows and Linux) to ensure that you’re using the latest version.

Here’s a selection of the improvements in this new version:

  • New sync options: We’ve introduced a Sync Options panel to the Settings page. You can now switch between two different modes to toggle whether or not guests are allowed to control sync. Read below to learn more about how the options work.
  • Numerous minor fixes: We’ve tidied up a long list of minor issues. It’s definitely the best Frankie version we’ve created so far.

We introduced the new Sync Options to provide a simpler way of getting clients into synchronised reviews, while retaining the option of having more flexibility in the way that you conduct reviews.

Sync options

With the switch in the OFF position (the default mode), guests are automatically pulled into sync without being prompted and they’re unable to turn sync on and off. The host can still turn global sync on and off if required. This gives the host greater control over the review, eliminating any chance of a guest being out of sync with the rest of the group. It’s a great way of working when your guests have never used Frankie before, and it’s similar behaviour to earlier versions of the software.

Sync optionsWhen the switch is in the ON position, guests are able to modify the sync state within a review: this includes declining sync invitations, turning sync on and off both for themselves and for the whole review. This mode is useful when you want to conduct a synchronised review with some guests, while allowing other guests to view and comment at their own pace. It’s a really flexible way of working when your guests have had some previous experience with Frankie.

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